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Hand Woven Rugs - a Master Weaver

My designs are based on patterns from organic land forms and atmospheric elements. My work is bold, contemporary, and steeped in color. Some of my organic designs suggest mythic narratives; others are pure abstractions.


I have  developed an innovative and spontaneous method of hand-dyeing weft yarn.  I immerse resist-tied skeins, covered with tape, plastic, clamps, and found objects, in a succession of dye baths.


My process begins with plein air sketching. I feel that designs based on “real” landforms and life forms that I’ve observed “have a much greater chance of communicating with a viewer. After sketching, I return to the studio and re-sketches with color.

I bring the sketch to the loom and allows the two to communicate. Usually the work remains more or less true to the sketch, but occasionally “something happens” at the loom, and the piece changes.


My weavings weather the test of time, whether it be through functional use as rugs or as pure forms for contemplation and environmental enhancement hung on the wall.

Bio - Connie Enzmann-Forneris

Born in Stuttgart, Germany. BS degree at Iowa State University, graduate school with MFA at Southern Illinois University and The Weaving School in Sindelfingen, Germany. First residing in NJ, TX and FL until moving to NM permanently in 2014. Bulk of her work has been in rugs for floor and wall until 2016 when Botanical Contact Printing and Surface Design entered her art practice. The love and passion for fiber has driven her all her life as well as the observation of Nature’s structure and design.

Her work is displayed throughout the USA. Prior to selling her work for the last 15 years in Santa Fe, NM, Connie marketed her work by traveling to large Art and Craft Shows throughout the East and Southeast coasts. Her teaching and studio work of 40 years has consistently listened to the natural fiber materials: wool, silk, cotton and linen as well as the source of  dye plants, insects,  and minerals.

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